What is Clarabot?

Clarabot is a self reliant database and search engine.

It features a new and interesting way to navigate among websites, providing the possibility of exploration at previously unprecedented levels.

Search differently

You can search using regular keywords, but entering the name of a website will list its occurrences found on other websites.

Browsing the links between websites will grant a new dimension of exploration and source of information.

Search privately

Clarabot does not collect or share personal information.

Our users and their privacy are important to us. We do not track users or log their requests.

Unique and independent

All Clarabot systems were developed from the ground up. It is independent and self reliant.

To provide fresh information, we continuously collect data from the web.


Using Clarabot is by far the easiest way to discover new and previously unknown websites from all around the world.

You can start from an already known website and traverse through its connections or request random results.

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