You need an active Nano client for all Drive operations. For setting up a Nano client, please make sure to check out the Client Guide chapter.


In Nano’s file sharing system, a Drive is a representation of a local folder on your computer. You can create as many Drives as you want.

It’s a good rule-of-thumb to never make a Drive out of your root system folder, C:/ folder or user folder. You always have to consider that these folders would be accessible to other Nano users if this Drive were attached to a Room with multiple users.

An existing account is required on the Nano Webapp for each drive management task.

Create Drive

On the Nano Webapp, navigate to the Nano manager page by opening the user menu (click on your avatar), then click “Nano manager”.

This page will list all you active Nano clients on the right side. Select the Nano client which runs on the machine you wish to create a Drive on (enter admin password if prompted).

When a Nano client is selected, click on the “Create Drive” command text which will open the New Drive dialog window.

The New Drive dialog window shows your root system folder structure. Navigate to the folder you wish to create a Drive from. When you open the desired folder, click on the “Select folder” button.

If successful, you will see the newly created Drive in the “Drives” list.


Operating system specific data folders may appear in the folder list. These folders are unselectable. Nano will give you an alert notification when trying to enter such a folder. If this happens, please select a different folder.

Delete Drive

On the Nano manager page of the Nano Webapp, select the Nano client which hosts the unwanted Drive.

When the Nano client loads, you will see all the hosted Drives listed in the Drives section.

By clicking on the Bin icon, the Drive will be deleted.


Deleting a Drive will keep the local folder intact, the origin folder will not be deleted from the local filesystem.

Attach to Room

On the Nano manager page of the Nano Webapp, select the Nano client which hosts the Drive you want to attach to an existing Room.

Click on the “Attach to Room” command under the Drive.

A new dialog will open with all the Rooms you can attach the Drive to. When selecting a Room, the Nano Webapp will show you a current snapshot of the Room’s membership status.


Make sure you thoroughly review the Room’s membership status before attaching your Drive to a Room. Depending on the Room configuration, every Room member will have access to all your files within the Drive.

Detach from Room

On the Nano manager page of the Nano Webapp, select the Nano client which hosts the Drive you want to detach from a Room.

The Drives list shows you all your existing Drives. Each Drive has it’s own sublist, showing all the Rooms the Drive is attached to.

By clicking on the Bin icon beside the Room’s name, the Drive will be detached from that Room.

Detaching doesn’t delete the Drive, it just separates the Drive from the Room.

Browse Drive

To browse a Drive’s contents on the Nano Webapp you have to first attach it to a Room. Please see above how to do so.

Select the Room which has the Drive attached. You can do so by searching for the specific Room on the workspace; the left side menubar on the Nano webapp.

After selecting the Room, switch over to the Drive tab by clicking the Drive button.

The Webapp will list the contents of the Drive.

In this view you can download selected files or upload new ones to the Drive’s folder on the local machine.

Search Drive

You can issue search requests to find specific contents within a Drive. To do so you must first select a Drive.

After selecting a Drive, click into the search field on the top of the page and begin typing your search criteria. The Nano Webapp will prompt whether you want to search globally, or within the Room. Searching within the Room also includes the attached Drive.