Rooms are your personal collaboration tools on the Nano web application. You can freely create new rooms on the fly for different kind of purposes. You can invite other Nano users to your room, allowing them access to the contents within.

A room always comes with a basic chat feature and can have an optional drive attached.

Attaching a drive

You can attach an existing drive to a room. Attaching a drive to a room will let you browse the contents of that drive remotely from your browser.

To keep your workspace simple only one drive may be attached to a room. We encourage the creation of a new room to each drive.

A single drive can still be attached to more than one room allowing multiple groups to access the same resource.


You can use rooms as a group chat with other Nano users. A room always comes with a basic chat feature.

You as an owner have full membership control over your room. You can also give moderator or administrator privileges to other Nano users to facilitate easier content moderation in larger rooms.

The room chat can function as a message board by setting the respective room configuration. Only users with owner or moderator privileges can create new posts within the room when the chat is set to function as a message board.

Anonymous users

A room can be configured to allow anonymous access. When enabled, collaborators without a Nano user account may enter the room using a room-specific link. The room share link gives anonymous collaborators read-only access to your room, allowing them to read the room chat and browse the contents of the connected drive.


Always check for sensitive data within your Drive before allowing anonymous user access.

Room management

The Nano web application allows you to make several changes to a room’s configuration.
  • Allow anonymous access through a specific room share link

  • Configure content editing and content sharing privilages

  • Give or take administrator and moderator roles to room members

Please refer to the Nano client remote configuration for more information about configuring rooms.