Getting Started

Clarabot Nano is a software pair (Client and web application) that facilitates live file sharing with top security and ease of use.

When it is installed on a user’s computer, it will provide controlled remote access to its resources. The permissions and properties of remotely accessible resources are exclusively determined by the owner of the account the Nano Client is using. All user content is secured by end-to-end authenticated encryption between the Nano client and web applications.

The servers used for relaying the requests and responses can’t read or manipulate them. The encryption is used in a way to achieve top privacy while also allowing the utilization of central servers. This architecture provides similar data confidentiality to peer-to-peer networks, while also having some of the benefits of a centralized system. Central response caching and broadcasting improves performance, while the network security for the machines running the Nano client is improved by hiding their identity from the connected web applications.