Foreword on Security

We understand the implications of having a resource sharing software like the Nano client installed on your local computer, with the integrity of your filesystem being at risk.

We put strong effort in eliminating any kind of potential attack vector targeting your machine. All the default settings in the Nano client configuration are set to be secure with as much convenience as possible.

There are several configurations to be made when setting up Nano which are equally critically important to get right for security reasons.

We highly recommend new users to read through the Webapp Guide section where we will go over the proper steps to register and use your user account. You’ll have a secure account ready to go within a few short steps. With this account, you’ll be able to connect to other people’s rooms, and by extension to their shared drives as well.

Preparing your own filesystem to work with the Nano file sharing system requires a few additional steps. The Client Guide section will help you in setting up the Nano client on your local machine, preparing your computer for accessing your files remotely.

If you wish to know more about our security handling, please refer to the Security Overview section.

Some versions of the Nano client will be CC certified. See the Installation for more information.