For details on the cryptographic implementation see Security implementation in the registration process

In order to connect to the resource sharing hubs of this system, you must have an account registered. This part of the documentation will guide you through the registration process.

To create a new Nano user account, please navigate to the Nano webapp and click on the Create an account link to begin your registration process.

Enter your email and password for your new Nano user account. Make sure you know the credentials for your email. This email will be kept private within the Nano system, but it will be used by the Nano system to send you authentication emails for specific user actions, especially when Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is set up.

Password strength importance

A collaborative software like Nano must be as secure as possible in order to protect the user’s filesystem integrity. The user is responsible for choosing a strong password for their Nano account.

With a weak password, any adversary will have an easy way to either guess it or in a relatively short amount of time, by trial and error, brute force their way into the user’s account. To protect the user from a brute-force attack, the Nano servers are set up with rate-limiters which automatically shut down any repeating online brute-force attempts.

In order to alleviate the burden from the user, Nano will help in choosing a strong password at the time of registration.

Password policy

The password policy in Nano must be strict in order to reduce the risk of a data breach.

Nano will give real-time feedback to the user about the typed password’s strength in order to help the user in choosing a strong password. This strength check will be done with the zxcvbn library.