The Nano account is used to authenticate the user within the Nano file sharing ecosystem.


A Nano account allows you to securely connect to your configured Nano clients.


Registering a Nano account is a quick process free of charge. To register, please refer to the Registration article.

Make sure to use an active email account when registering. The Nano Webapp will send a confirmation email during the registration process.

After clicking on the confirmation link, your account will be ready for use.

Password strength

Your user account is the main keyholder within the cryptographically secured Nano system. The Nano systems protect your account as best as possible, but you must choose a strong password for your user account so Nano’s protection works efficiently.

At the time of registration, or while changing your password, the web application gives you detailed feedback on the currently typed in password’s strength. We ask you to heed it’s warnings in case any show up.

Account settings

Your account data consists of your chosen email, password, username, avatar, and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) setting.

Your email is never shown to other users, it always stays private. It’s important to choose an active email account for your Nano user account. Nano uses this email address to send client update reminders or two-factor authentication codes whenever they are needed.

Your username and avatar are public. You can use these options to personalize your account. Your username and avatar image are displayed to other Nano users within the rooms you are participating.


Two-Factor Authentication can be enabled for your Nano account for an extra layer of protection.

When enabled, you will be prompted to enter a numeric passcode before each account-critical request. This ensures an extra layer of security against malicious user data changes.